Embassy of India School, Moscow, Russia
Phone: 8 – 499 243 70 09 Email: principalkvm@mail.ru
भारतीय दूतावास स्कूल, मास्को, रूस
Embassy of India School, Moscow, Russia
Official Website for Kendriya Vidyalaya, Moscow
CBSE Affiliation No. 7000001
PARENTS-TEACHERS MEETING FOR CLASS XII on 26.09.2017 at 8am. Half Yearly Examination commence on 6th October 2017. Click Announcements for DATE SHEET OF HALF YEARLY EXAMINATION/MID TERM TEST (2017-18),CLASS-I to XI
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1 Computer Science Syllabus for Class XI and XII 2017-18 182 pdf Download View
2 Informatics Practices Syllabus for Class XI & XII 212 pdf Download View
3 Informatics Practices Study Material for Class XI prepared by Dehradun Region in 2014-15 4277 pdf Download View
4 KVS CIRCULAR : Uniform System of Assessment, Examination and Report Card for Class I to XII FROM THE Academic Year 2017-18 onwards 1522 pdf Download View
5 Study Material : XI IP prepared by Banglore Region 2014-15 4277 pdf Download View